Saturday 5 April 2008

Last Day of the Science Festival

So the Science Festival is almost over! What did we all get out of it? Well the children and families who came along hopefully learned some science, learned how to puzzle things out and how to think with an open inquiring mind. The Dino Dig offered a fun activity that opened children to the excitement of scientific discovery and maybe helped them develop their team working skills.

For those of who were science communicators, we learned how to survive 13 days work with no day off (though there were a lot of sick days within the team), we learned how to communicate science better, even bits of science we previously didn't know that much about. Personally, I was really very happy to get this intensive experience of informal education before starting work on my first writing workshop course (the new dates for which can be found here).


Janice Thomson said...

Isn't it neat when you come away from an experience having learned something of value. Glad to hear you enjoyed the Science Festival so much despite the long haul. :)

RG said...

Quite the undertaking!!! wOOt

I hope the turnout was good too.

Ričardas said...

Good job! Now you can take some time off to relax and... get busy creating something again.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a worthwhile experience. I know I would have definitely enjoyed attending.