Tuesday 1 April 2008

Creative Workshops at Waste Innovations

We now have the full list of workshops to be held at Waste Innovations in Edinburgh:

My Poetry Workshop: TUESDAY APRIL 29TH 6PM (First of 8 consecutive weeks)
Kids Art Workshop: SATURDAY APRIL 26TH 10:30AM (First of 8 consecutive weeks)Teens Acting Workshop: SATURDAY APRIL 26TH 1:00PM (First of 8 consecutive weeks)
Half-Day Paper Making Workshop: FRIDAY MAY 2ND 1:30PM (First of 7 consecutive weeks)
Full-Day Paper Making Workshop: STARTING JUNE 6TH - first Friday of every month 10AM

More information about course costs and organisation from Waste Innovations. If you're interested in the poetry workshop and want to know more, just leave a comment here or email me....

Please note: due to flooding of the Eco Portal these workshops have been CANCELLED.


anthonynorth said...

Do you know, I left school at 15, and have never read a 'how to' book or attended a writing course.
My grammar may not always be right, but I was determined to do it myself.
I think it was the right course for me.

A wildlife gardener said...

I read two lovely poems today by an Indian poet on a friend's blog at

Crafty Green Poet said...

anthony, I've never done a writing workshop myself either but some people like doing them and hey if an organisation wants to headhunt me to offer some workshops, who am i to refuse?

Wildlife Gardener, thanks for the link, I enjoyed reading those poems.

Dave Coulter said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today.

That's a nice list of workshops there. (I looked closely for April Fool's pranks, lol) I have done some papermaking myself!


RG said...

There's a great concept and good luck in the workshops.

There is quite a bit of recycle action around here .. we get tons of stuff from ReStore here.

RG said...
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