Thursday 10 April 2008

Creation of Myth

When the volcano exploded
and there were no books
to tell you
this was not the first -
you created myth
to explain

flood, hurricane,
disease and earthquake -
for each you called a spirit.

Later belief in one higher god
and science banished myth
to darkness

but sometimes on the hill
we hear the chanting,
feel the reverence
for the spirits
of earth.

Mythology for Totally Optional Prompts

For an earlier poem inspired by mythology, follow the link below:
Mythologies of the Moon.


Stan Ski said...

Chicken and egg? Smoke and fire?
No matter; the tales make great reading, as does this piece.

Anonymous said...


Scot said...

"but sometimes on the hill
we hear the chanting,
feel the reverence
for the spirits
of earth."

Janice Thomson said...

I really like the last verse too and wonder could there not be a smidgen of truth to it...Beautiful Juliet.

Anonymous said...

Spirits of Earth. I believe in that!

slithering snakes

polona said...


as for myself, i much prefer the chanting on a hill to that one superior god thing (temped to use a stronger word here) although neither works for me

Tumblewords: said...

You make it look easy - the comparison of myth and reality is wonderful!

WH said...

I believe that chanting is in our blood, our very DNA, perhaps because we are connected to the cosmos. This is perfect in form, cadence, and line breaks.

Linda Jacobs said...

This is just a wonderul poem! It captures the essence of mythology in a nutshell.

Anonymous said...

Very nice!

And thanks for coming by to comment. It's so wonderful to discover another writer who is also fascinated by science!

Anonymous said...

Thought provoking. I like it. Thanks David Mascellani

Anonymous said...

Yes, myths persist and often offer comfort.

Unknown said...

I really like it.

RG said...

I find my mind - is full of myth.

Unknown said...

What I like most about this one is that it retains that ethereal feeling of spirituality.

anthonynorth said...

Animism in action. Well put.

Anonymous said...

The poem reads like a wise woman sitting at a fire, chanting about the ways of old. Beautiful simplicity, and imaginative too.

Medhini said...

It's a lovely poem. The first and the last verses are truly enchanting!

Mary J. said...

I liked this one a lot. I followed your link to the Mythologies of the Moon poem, too. Love the imagery of the full and waning moon.

Clare said...

Hi Crafty! Those spirits are what fill my soul! Really beautiful poem -- truly lovely.