Monday 3 December 2007

Sand Dunes Protected from Development

I was delighted to read over the weekend that Donald Trumps plan to destroy ecologically sensitive sand dunes in Aberdeenshire to build golf courses and hotels was turned down by Aberdeenshire Council. Read more in the Guardian. I've heard it said by some politicians about similar though smaller decisions in Edinburgh that people are starting to resist change to the extent that they're going to miss out on progress. But what is progress? I don't see yet more golf courses in Scotland as being progress if they destroys our natural heritage. I don't see new hotels in Edinburgh as being progress if they destroy wonderful old buildings that are part of our historical heritage.

More and more people are seeing that progress needs to respect the past and the natural world and more and more in Scotland, there is hope that nature can win against the destructive advance of progress. More and more people are seeing that true sustainability means more than economics and that heritage and the environment are not nice extras but vital components of our world.

Well the signs are good today anyway.


Anonymous said...

That is brilliant. Power to the people!

Anonymous said...

I agree. How much progress do you need?