Sunday 23 December 2007


Earth is amazing and unique. Even if other planets out there support advanced life, there will be no other planet that supports just exactly the mix of living organisms that earth supports. From beetles coloured like precious jewels to the magnificent tiger, life is full of wonder.

Life has come and gone. Once the dinosaurs ruled the planet, now humans like to think we do. However, humans are polluting the earth, destroying rainforests and discupting weather systems. We are putting great stresses on the ecosystems of the world, pushing numerous species to extinction and damaging our own life support systems.

Things pass, everything changes, the earth as a planet will survive until either the sun dies or the planet is destroyed by huge meteorites. However, if we care for human society and for the species we currently share the earth with, we would stop and think a little more about how we treat this wonderful earth that is our home.


luminous roundness

subtle swirls in blue and green

draped with wispy veils of white

set against a backdrop of black


The Earth for Writers' Island


Jo said...

I just stopped by to wish you a merry christmas and a wonderful 2008, Juliet, and I'm glad I did, I loved this post and your poem, a lovely image.

Anonymous said...

Nice post! And a beautiful little poem. And thanks for all the comments on my blog!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem, shaped like the round and full jewel, the mother, the earth,

Anonymous said...

Great poem! A piece in brevity yet achieving clarity and magic.

Humans will survive, and the earth will contenue to be our home.

I wish you well.

~ Jeques

paisley said...

i might just add that thinking about how we mistreat each other,, should be given equal voice......

Magdalen Islands said...

Happy Holidays!
Nice little poem

Robin said...

A stunning poem, what a jewel our earth is, and how terribly we betray her.

Mary Timme said...

I think each opinion about who and what the earth and we are tells more about each of us than not. This was an interesting post and poem.

Cherie said...

Beautiful ... words and image, love this. Mega good wishes to You and Yours for 2008!

Keith's Ramblings said...

What a great poem.
I'm interested in your remark that 'there will be no other planet that supports just exactly the mix of living organisms that earth supports'
Do you really believe that? I'm not so sure.

Anonymous said...

This prompt was made for you.
A Happy New Year! Let's make it a more ecologically sound one.