Friday, 30 November 2007

Two Exhibitions at the City Art Centre

Scissors Paper Stone is an exhibition of commissioned craft works on the theme of Edinburgh. The exhibits are varied, taking different types of inspiration from the city. There are models of plants found in the Botanic Gardens, hats inspired by different areas of the city. My favourite part of the exhibition was the series of totemic sticks by Anna S. King and the Edinburgh Makar (Poet Laureate) Valerie Gillies, inspired by the Royal Mile. Each stick is covered with ribbons, text, pressed flowers, feathers etc to capture the history of the street.

Seeing Dragons in the Clouds is an exhibition of the 'Art of the Imagination'. Lizzie Farey looked back to her childhood watching swallows in the sky and created some beautiful impressionistic willow sculptures of swallows. I was also particularly struck by the case of wonderful insects (I didn't make a note of this artists name unfortunately) made from plant parts, a comment on mimicry and camouflage in insects but also an example of incredibly skilled craft.

Both exhibition are on at the City Art Centre until 12 January 2008.


iamnasra said...

Im so far ..can not join..hope u can update us when u go..pls take photos too

Crafty Green Poet said...

Sorry Nasra, no photos, they're not allowed in the galleries! I'm disappointed that the Gallery website doesn't have photos.