Friday 2 November 2007

Autumn Colours

a suite of haiku

pink berries
on orange leaved rowan -
sun rises red

yellow berries
on red leaved rowan -
orange sunrise

red berries
on yellow leaved rowan -
pink morning sky

Wild rowan has red berries, the trees around Edinburgh with their varied coloured berries must be ornamental varieties.


Anonymous said...

I liked how you used the different colors in the same places. If that makes any sense.



Crafty Green Poet said...

Thanks Rose - it totally makes sense!

polona said...

interesting and effective use of colours.

Anonymous said...

Lovely poems about one of my favorite trees! Here they are called mountain ash, but the Scottish name is so much prettier I always use it.

PixieDust said...


So beautiful... these words will have me dreaming colors for days.


Anonymous said...

You really have a gift for poetry. I grew up in Scotland and oh, how I miss the trees. You don't see many rowans in Australia. Your poem made me homesick but also very happy!

Marc said...

Colorful - beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I love love the coulors in your haikus!

krissie - message in a bottle blog

Brian said...

wow, i actually felt like a i was tasting when i read these poems. amazing... amazing

jem said...

I've finally remembered to add you to my feedreader. I will now visit you far more regularly. Sorry its taken me so long!

This collection of haiku is great - I felt like I was spinning around, faster and faster with all the colours blurring into one autumnal rainbow!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Jem - thanks! I look forward to you visitng more!

Brian - don't taste though - rowan berries are poisonous to humans!

Sandy - we call them mountain ash too

Selma - thanks! Yes Scottish trees are wonderful!

Marc, Krissie - thanks!

Rana said...

Oh, I really love these.