Monday 18 April 2022

Easter Walks

 We've been on two lovely walks today. First along the Water of Leith from Roseburn

to Stockbridge  

We made friends with this cheeky grey squirrel 

and watched this mallard with her four very young ducklings

We did wonder how long any of these ducklings will live, particularly after seeing this Grey Heron further along the river  

A heron would happily eat a duckling or two for a snack! 

We liked these new mosaics under the bridge 

As the weather has been so nice today, we decided to go for another walk in the afternoon and wandered round the local cemeteries. We were delighted to see this dark edged bee fly in Dalry Cemetery 

We then continued on to North Merchiston Cemetery

where there's a lot of few flowered leek in bloom 


and a much smaller patch of wild garlic (ramsons) about to come into bloom 

The few flowered leek is invasive and gradually taking over from the wild garlic, here and in many places across Scotland. 

The magnificent old cherry tree in the cemetery is coming into bloom, though is far behind the white cherry trees we saw the other day in the grounds of Lauriston Castle (see this post). I'll share more photos of the cherry tree in the cemetery in my next Tree Following update, but here is just one shot for now

The horse chestnut tree in the cemetery is also starting to come into flower 

 Thanks Crafty Green Boyfriend for most of the photos in this post. 

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