Wednesday 17 June 2020

Mapping the Cemetery

Dalry Cemetery, one of the local cemeteries that we walk round as part of our #DailyExercise has now got it's own friends group! They are putting together a website and have an already thriving Facebook group.

The cemetery is a real haven for wildlife, as you may have noticed from my recent blogposts on the topic and that's something that the group really want to focus on, by conserving nature and cleaning up the litter that often plagues the site.

Recently, the shrubby area of the cemetery has seen lots of birds fledging, including wrens (see this post), long tailed tits

and blackcaps

As part of the attempt to help the group know what wildlife is in the site, I've made a list of everything I've been able to record (and invited other group members to add to it via the Facebook group) and I created a map (using an old council survey map as a basis)

It's very much a work in progress but the idea is to ultimately create a map of all the wildlife interest in the cemetery.

Dalry cemetery is a vital part of a green corridor that includes Gorgie Dalry Park, trees along nearby roads, Harrison Park and North Merchiston Cemetery. Together these areas offer a wonderful area for wildlife in an area that is one of the most built up areas of Edinburgh.


RG said...

How big is it???

Crafty Green Poet said...

about 6 acres (2.41 hectares)