Wednesday 20 May 2020

Corstorphine HIll

With lockdown easing slightly in Scotland so we're now allowed unlimited exercise (as long as it starts and ends at home), we've decided that occasionally we'll go on a longer walk than our usual #DailyExercise round the cemeteries.

Today we took the day off and walked along the cyclepath and along a stretch of the Water of Leith then over to Corstorphine Hill.

The weather was wonderful and the hill looked amazing

there are large patches of speedwells

and forget-me-nots

the walls around the hill are always interesting, here's ivy leaved toadflax

yellow corydalis

and a species of nomad cuckoo bee (possibly a Marshams nomad bee) just about to enter a hole which a mining bee had entered (the nomad bee will lay its eggs in the same hole and then it's larvae will eat the larvae of the mining bee)

We were serenaded on the hill by this beautiful song thrush

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