Sunday 8 July 2018

A Long Walk on a Sunny Day

Yesterday we walked from Cramond Brig to South Queensferry through the beautiful Dalmeny Estate. Some of the walk is through open fields, some through shady woodland

 and then the route comes out at the coast, where we get some lovely views

We saw a good variety of insects including this  Leucozonia glaucia hoverfly being buzzed by a parasitic wasp

Pellucid hoverflies

and ringlet butterflies

and a speckled wood 

We were delighted to see tree sparrows, a declining species across the UK and one we haven't previously seen in this location


RG said...

Such a fine variety of scenes and life!

Jamie Purves said...

Fantastic walk and a real bonus to see the Tree Sparrow. We're looking after a baby Hose Sparrow at the moment. No more than a week or so old but eating catfood! Nicknamed Syd!

Lowcarb team member said...

Looks a very nice walk, I enjoyed seeing the photographs.

All the best Jan