Tuesday 8 May 2018

Lean on Pete (film review)

15 year old Charley (Charlie Plummer) and his single father Ray (Travis Fimmel) are mewcomers in Portland, Oregon. Faced with yet another 'new start', Charley craves security and takes a summer job with a horse trainer (Steve Buscemi) down at the local track. He quickly forms a bond with one of the veteran horses, Lean on Pete. 

Charley learns that he should not get too attached to Pete as 'he's not a pet, he's just a horse' and once a horse is no longer winning then it's no longer wanted and is 'sold on'.

As his home life becomes more difficult, Charley becomes more and more dependent on Pete as his one friend and he has to face new challenges and problems.

This is a beautifully made film that is far sadder than I expected it to be, so it's probably useful to take a hanky! 

Lean on Pete is showing at Edinburgh Filmhouse until Thursday17 May

It would make a great double bill with the German film Hordur which I reviewed here.

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likeschocolate said...

Thanks for sharing! I haven't heard of this film, but I will look out for it! It sounds good even if it may be sad.