Friday 12 May 2017

Thinking Green for the General Election

People across Scotland are possibly annoyed to find they can no longer vote Green as the Green Party is not fielding candidates in most areas of the country. So who among the other parties is making the best case for the environment?

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) suggest asking your candidates these questions:

1. How will you ensure that our vital laws protecting wildlife and habitats remain strong after Brexit?
2. How will you ensure that the way we farm and use the land is sustainable and helps nature?
3. Is your party committed to completing the designation of a comprehensive and well managed network of protected areas at sea?
4. Has your party committed to achieving our climate ambitions? Will you invest in clean energy?
5. How do you think the UK should continue to show global leadership on climate change and nature protection?
6. Connecting with nature has numerous health and wellbeing benefits, how does your party intend to help people to re-engage with the natural environment?
7. What are your personal commitments to help nature in our constituency?

And you choose who to vote for depending on who gives the best answers! You may also have other questions of your own.

Meanwhile the Ecologist has published this piece about the environmental elements from the Labour Party's leaked manifesto (note as I write this manifesto is still at the draft stage). Not perfect but definitely better than the Conservative Party and there are a lot of good environmental commitments in there (though personally I'd certainly like more specific commitment to nature protection).

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Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Hope I have a Green candidate to vote for this time