Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Earth Month

The Nature Conservancy are celebrating Earth Month throughout this month.

Earth Month is an opportunity to enjoy nature and to help protect our wild places. Or as the Nature Conservancy says :  'the perfect time to Explore, Volunteer and Give back to nature.' With that in mind, their website includes a map of the USA showing volunteering opportunities across the country. If there's nothing officially happening in your area, there are likely to be plenty of conservation volunteering events going on independently of Earth Month.

In Edinburgh there are lots of opportunities to volunteer to help conserve nature, I volunteer with the Water of Leith Conservation Trust, but there are many other opportunities to suit different interests, skills and time commitments, for example Lothian Conservation Volunteers (who undertake tasks like tree planting, path building or pond clearances) or the friends groups attached to local parks (who do things like litter picks, wildflower planting and wildlife recording).

Getting out into the great outdoors, whether for a walk or to volunteer is a great way to keep connected with nature and so develop a greater understanding of its importance. It's also good for your health, both physical and mental.

So, what are your plans for enjoying and helping nature this Earth Month? If you're on Twitter you can use the hash tags #EarthMonth and LiveNature to share your experiences!

(Of course every month should be Earth Month and here in the UK we have 30 Days Wild in June, which encourages people to do something involving nature every day.)


eileeninmd said...

Great post for Earth Month! It is great you are able to volunteer. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I write newspaper columns for my local trust, my 4 of 4 off pattern makes it difficult to set a regular time for doing other stuff

Crafty Green Poet said...

Thanks Eileen

Hi Simon, one of the great things about the volunteering i do is that i can do most of it any day to fit in with my ever-changing teaching timetable

RG said...

The Cantabile of Skagit Valley is doing two concerts featuring Earth songs. A friend sings with them and asked me to speak about the first Earth Day prior to them, So I will! It is very inspiring to go back and revisit that.

If you suggest one of your short, appropriate poems, I will include it!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Hi Rabbits Guy, that sounds great! I'll look out a suitable poem for you!

Lowcarb team member said...

Great to read about this and raise awareness ... mine included!

All the best Jan

Bill said...

Earth month
I take another walk
around the block