Thursday 25 February 2016

A World Without Water

A World Without Water is a vividly illustrated, rhyming short story for young children, outlining how the world would change if there was no water.

It focuses on aspects of the world that matter to children that risk being lost if suddenly there was no water:

There'd be no way to hide from the summer's burning, scorching sun
No more water pistol fights, well that's not so much fun!  

But it's not just a doom laden trip through a world without water. The middle part of the book focuses on what even children can do to help save water, with a number of practical tips:

It isn't hard to make a habit of taking shorter showers
You can take the water that you saved and use it on the flowers

The book continues with some facts about water, told in verse. At the end there are a couple of exercises inviting young readers to write and draw about water conservation. 

This is an engaging book to get youngsters interested in the issue of water conservation. The practical tips mean that it relates to them on a day to day basis and encourages them to see how they can play their part.

A World Without Water by Christopher Holley, illustrated by Frank Cassuto

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Disclaimer, I was sent free e-copies of these books to review.


Geraldine said...

That's my kind of children's book, informative but in an entertaining way, keeping their interest.

It is not that far-fetched that the world could run out of drinking water, the way things have been going. I read some stats on how little of the earths water is actually still drinkable, and it was a sobering thought to consider. We take good (or at least acceptable) water for granted in Canada and the US, but in many parts of the world, drinking water that is safe, is actually almost a luxury.

Thanks for sharing this book Juliet, I'm going to keep it in mind to recommend to people with children.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Thanks Geraldine! You're entirely right, the world could very easily run out of water, some places are closer to that possibility than others too.

Caroline Gill said...

An imaginative idea! And I like the fact that the young readers are encouraged to think for themselves, too.

Sandy said...

It is kind of scary for kids, but we need to work on this problems. The western part of the United States is already dealing with lack of water.

Magyar said...

__And your previously noted trees, urban or not. _m

growing trees
purify this soured air
fresh rain

Lowcarb team member said...

I think books like this aimed at the younger generation are excellent ... and should be shared.

All the best Jan