Tuesday 26 August 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge

Ice Bucket Challenge -
reservoirs dry up across


Yes, charities need to find imaginative ways to raise money for their vital work. However to me, the Ice Bucket Challenge sums up in some senses how profoundly disconnected we are from the environment. Yes, let's throw water at each other, while all across the world people lack drinking water and one of the richest places in the world is experiencing severe drought (and people in that very place continue to take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge!).

Meanwhile, here is a good article from another perspective about why charities shouldn't need to resort to gimmicky fundraising such as the Ice Bucket Challenge. 

in Gaza, where people are very aware of how precious a resource water is, they have started doing the Rubble Bucket Challenge to raise awareness of the poor living conditions in Gaza.

and in India, one woman has set up the Rice Bucket Challenge, in which you give a bucket of rice to a poor family. 


Beate said...

That is a very interesting and important point of view. When I saw the first videos I was impressed how people would respond and take part so quickly. But mostly I found it weird that people took part in sth with so much enthusiasm when they didn't even know what ALS was. We should learn from the IceBucketChallenge and use its way to success for even more urgent causes.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this! I have been very frustrated by the fact that California is in drought, whole swaths of the world don't have enough water for their population... and yet we're dumping water on each other in an attempt to raise awareness... but are we affecting any real change?

Bill said...

A thoughtful observation, Juliet.

Jenn Jilks said...

I so agree. Thanks for commenting.

RG said...

The rich and wealthy and privileged always flaunt what is the most scarce and precious.

Anonymous said...

I agree!

dosankodebbie said...

I, too, have been frustrated this way of raising money and awareness. My aunt died of ALS and I keep thinking she would think this an absurd gesture.