Wednesday, 10 October 2012

More beaded bookmarks

A while ago I shared some of my very simple beaded bookmark designs. Well here are some designs that are more time consuming! The beads are from my stash and I've threaded them on discarded fishing lines that I found along the Water of Leith.

It's actually quite addictive making these, though it is very fiddly to thread all those little beads and it's much easier if the light's good! I have more designs to share in a future post!

I'll be adding some of these to the Crafty Green Poet Etsy shop. The first one I've added is the blue teddy bear bookmark in the first photo in this post, you can find it in my Etsy shop here

The book in the background of the photos is my poetry pamphlet Unthinkable Skies. 

As ever, text in red contains hyperlinks that take you to other webpages where you can find out more. 


eileeninmd said...

Very cute beaded bookmarks. I really like the first one with the cute animal. You are very creative using the fishing line. A great way to recycle. Have a great day!

Jane Dobson said...

So cute! My daughter gave me a similar bookmark for my birthday, I love it... another ingenious way to use fishing line tidied up from the beach/riverbank :)

Kay said...

Juliette, such fun and whimsical bookmarks...I love making them out of old ..unsuccessful paintings, I have added ribbon and beads,But I love the teddy bear...sweet!

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

There were women in Venice doing a job on the street that has now I fear totally disappeared. They were called "Impiraresse" in Venetian dialect...hard to translate in one word, but it means basically those "who thread pearls". When I was a child in the sixties I remember them with small pearls and strings entering the little holes in them, one by one. They were sitting with on their legs an open box full of bright tiny round pearls and strings beside them.

RG said...

Very nice! Do you find a lot of discarded fish line? It is a problem here - especially where several people gather to fish. The birds and small animals and even fish (if it gets in the water) get tangled.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Thanks Eileen, Jane.

Kay, what a good idea to make bookmarks out of unsuccessful paintings!

Tommaso - thanks for sharing that wee bit of Venetian history!

Rabbits Guy - I don't find that much discarded fishing line to be honest, but i have made several bookmarks out of it!