Monday 28 May 2012

Monday Bunday

This delightful young rabbit was sitting in the shade of the banner on the hill by the hotel next to Edinburgh Zoo last time we walked past. Crafty Green Boyfriend took several photos.


My latest post on Books and environmental issues is now up on Brighton Blogger's Book after Book Blog. You can read it here (and catch up with the earlier posts if you haven't already read them!).


There's still time to book a place on my Creative Writing Inspired by Nature course, you can find out more and book here.

And if you're in the UK, the Better Transport Campaign are looking for your stories about public transport, cycling and walking (and there are prizes on offer!). Find out more here


Denise Wong said...

Such a cute little Bunny!!

Ms Sparrow said...

You are one busy, busy gal!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Every day is Bunday here Juliet.

Anonymous said...

I love rabbits...our Hawks have gotten rid of ours...~sniff~
Sounds like you are having a wonderful time!

bunnits said...

What a cute bunny!

I like the altered books idea. I've wanted to try making some ever since my daughter once had an assignment to do one in her high school art class.

And once again, your wonderful writing class. I should enroll, but my self-discipline seems to have slipped. I don't even get around to blogging regularly.

ashok said...

cute bunny

Tommaso Gervasutti said... remind me of my years with Guinea-Pigs, the late 70's. I lived with Guinea-Pigs in my room. The one who lived longer was named Cutty and was all white, with long fur, an albino, with rosy hued eyes, he lived six years.

Glenna said...

That bunny looks like it's smiling!

PJ said...

Such lovely markings, truly.

RG said...

I guess I keep thinking they'll come in handy some day! But I have also read about the dismal job of getting rid of dead Uncle Joe's books.

Maybe this e-book business has something to be said for it - in the long run.

Carol Steel said...

Bunny is so sweet. Wow,you've been busy!