Saturday 15 January 2011

Man Watches January by Chris Crittenden

I have published a number of poems by Chris Crittenden over on Bolts of Silk (and you can read them here). I was delighted therefore to receive this copy of his poetry chapbook Man Watches January in exchange for a copy of my chapbook!

Chris is a poet who is very observant and aware of nature 'a hover of crows / over mossy horizon' (from A Fall Moment) 'spider was wearing / the slate-butter-black of the spruce' (from Taken). A poet also who is able to make great imaginative leaps, as in Philosophy on LSD

we're all that big. the universe
bent a lot of time and we don't understand
but life happened: little galaxies
in bugs and skulls that act out hidden tantrums.

He is also able to make sharp political points 'aren't we the vampires // sucking / from the good Earth,' (from Reagan's Ghost) or offer disturbing social commentary as in Killing Guilt:

there was a war but now
he works in a grocery,
avoids the meat department.

This is a small but very varied collection of poetry that is truly engaged with life, the human world and the natural, written with an eye for a startling image and guarenteed to make the reader think.

You can order copies of Man Watches January by contacting Chris here.

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Owl Who Laughs said...

Hi Juliet,

I am honored and thrilled to have my little book mentioned in your blog. You are a generous, humble and wise spokesperson of the trees and beasts, whose voice is serenely magnetic in the most eloquent sense.

The international green and poetry communities are blessed with your continued energy and unifying presence.

What you you do is quite special, and I feel very lucky that my introverted work, selfishly absorbed, has earned this moment on your blog. If my words reach others and make a difference, it is because of very rare editors and leaders like you.

Thank you again!