Sunday, 14 October 2007

Green Toiletries

Many of the chemicals in beauty products have been linked to health problems, including cancers in some cases. How can we reduce the number of harmful chemicals we put on our skin?

Firstly, I think it is useful to cut down on the amount of toiletries we use. I don't wear make up or nail varnish and have relatively few toiletries compared to a lot of people.

I have never dyed or tinted my hair. I use
Yaoh shampoo and conditioner, which are made from 99% pure natural ingredients and the couple of artificial ingredients in there don't include such baddies as parabens and sodium lauryl sulphate. (You can read more about my haircare on this earlier post).

I buy soap, lip balm, exfoliant and moisturiser usually from Neals Yard Remedies. I don't need to use moisturiser much as my skin doesn't get dry too much (drinking lots of water probably helps with this). Neal's Yard Products use a high proportion of organic, natural ingredients and are packaged mostly without plastics.

I use a deodorant crystal from Neal's Yard Remedies. This deodorant contains no aluminium (which has been linked to Alzheimers and cancers) and comes packaged in a nice fabric bag.

More information on cosmetics and harmful chemicals from the Womens' Environment Network.

Pink for October.


shadows and clouds said...

snap! ...for most of that at least! though i did try colouring my hair with those packet things a couple of times in my teens (a long desire to have ginger hair!!). i used to use facecream every day, then 2 years ago i stopped, the first week or so my skin was a little dry, but then got used to it. creams are also bad in that sense as our skin becomes dependent on it if we always use it, when you stop, at first, your skin says 'eek!' but then re-locates its natural balance. i don't do makeup or hair products either, and have just finished my last bottle of shower gel, am now back to soap but use homemade ones our friends make, mmm! and shampoo always without sls, terrible stuff it is! careful with toothpaste too as many of them have sls in them.

Catherine said...

Lush do some good solid shampoos and deodorants which I have started using - other than that, I use pretty much nothing, although my skin is very dry and I should use moisturiser - I have a big pot prescribed by the doctor, I think it is just a basic moisturising cream without all the added perfumes etc.
I've had my hair coloured a couple of times, but mostly I just let the grey show - it's quite a pleasant shade of grey, anyway (at least, I think so!)

Crafty Green Poet said...

Na - I should try doing without hair care products but my hair is so much nicer when I shampoo and condition and Yaoh products are great. I don't need to use moisturiser much, probably like you say my natural oils have balanced and its just sometimes when there's been a particularly strong and bracing Scottish wind!

Catherine - Lush products are great too but i find the soaps fall apart in the shower and never last as long as Neal's Yard products. I should try again though. I like the colour of your hair from your photos.

shadows and clouds said...

oops, no, by hair products i meant gel, spray etc., i do shampoo it with natural shampoos though, and when it is long i use a conditioner every so often. i've found a good alternative to moisturiser for the body is almond oil, i've tried using it on my face as well sometimes.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Na - so I misunderstood! But I know some people do go without shampoo and claim their hair does okay...