Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Fabulously Environmentally Friendly!

That's what I am apparently, as Abby of A G33k Tragedy gave me the 'I'm Fabulous Award'. I'm now supposed to pass it on to other bloggers who I think are fabulous. I'm tempted to say hey you're all fabulous, but hmm, who's green and fabulous, well it has to be Fabulously Green for her green fashions and interior design (though she's been quiet for a while, she's still the obvious choice for me)!

But in a general sense, you're all fabulous, for your comments and your blogs. Thank you all.


Devil Mood said...

Aah, congratulations!
You have fabulous postcards, I can tell you that :)

Fabulously Green said...

Crafty Green,

Congratulations! Thanks for passing the Fab Blogger Torch on to us as well.

Fab Green

ANA said...



PixieDust said...

Congratulations! And so well deserved...


Janice Thomson said...

Congratulations Juliet. Your blog and writings certainly deserve the award.