Sunday, 25 February 2007

Pied Kingfisher, Lake Malawi, 1991

Inspire Me Thursday are continuing with the theme of Abandoned Art this week. Following on from last week, I found some very old artworks that I thought might be worth sharing here. So for the next few weeks, there will be one a week. This is a pencil crayon drawing of a pied kingfisher hovering above Lake Malawi. It isn't abandoned though, only old!
The theme this week was extended to encourage us to think about using abandoned objects in our artworks. Well this is what I do all the time, if you want to see some examples, please feel free to browse under the labels 'crafts' or 're-use' on the sidebar.

4 comments: said...

I write:
"High above the lake
a bird hangs in the sky."
I am nudged
by my friend who says
"that's a pied kingfisher,"
as if I would know.

I write:
"High above the lake
a bird hangs in the sky,
I don't know the name,
species, or anything about
that bird there, but
I know that it is hanging
in air as though time
has stopped and if
I had had the forethought
to jump into the air
a moment ago, perhaps
I too would still hang
above this unknown lake."
She nudges me again.
"That's Lake Malawi."

It's like we are
a million miles apart.

I just started typing and that's what came out. Not sure why. Thanks for the inspiration.

Drizel said...

The simplicity makes it inspiring:)

Crafty Green Poet said...

bgfay - thanks for sharing your poem! Glad you found my picture so inspiring!

etain - thanks!

Anonymous said...

I like the soothing feel to this piece of your art and the strong connection to your haiku.