Saturday, 26 August 2006

Return of the Poet - Edinburgh International Film Festival

Return of the Poet is a beautiful Armenian documentary that takes us on a mesmerising road journey through the stunning landscapes and fascinating culture of Armenia. The soundtrack is stunning too. There is no dialogue though! The film is a homage to the great Armenian poet, Ashugh Jivani, and follows the making of a statue of Jivani and then the statue's travels through the country. However, as a non-Armenian interested in finding out about world literature, I was disappointed not to learn anything about Jivani and his work.
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Catherine said...

Just as well there's no dialogue since most of us don't understand Armenian! (Well, there's subtitles, of course).
I sometimes think it would be great to live in Edinburgh for a year or two. Though I'd miss home.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Yeah, I generally don't go to see films in languages I don't understand unless there's subtitles.... Thankfully the art house cinemas in Edinburgh are generally good at doing that.....