Monday, 14 August 2006

Haiku about tea

One Deep Breath's prompt this week is to write haiku about tea and coffee. I love drinking tea (fairtrade of course) and here are my two haiku:

A soothing green tea –
Moment of relaxation
And contemplation.

Summer heatwave –
under the shade of a tree
a glass of iced tea.

I haven't managed to fit Fairtrade into a haiku as yet! Buying Fairtrade tea and coffee ensures that the workers are paid a decent salary and can send their children to school, receive better healthcare etc. Find out more at: So you can drink Fairtrade tea or coffee knowing that you are helping people. It tastes good too. (Well apart from the instant coffee, but that's instant coffee all over!).


Jennifer S. said...

very refreshing!

Ian russell said...

exceptional! makes me feel calm just reading them.

I usually only drink two teas (hark at him!), assam (by choice - at home) and industrial brew floor sweepings (by no choice - at work). the industrial stuff comes in unmarked beige boxes, so i have no idea where it comes from, but i would drink fairtrade Assam.

we always buy fairtrade coffee - there's often more choice in ft coffee. i would rather drink brake fluid than a cup of instant - it probably tastes no worse. ;o) said...

That first one is good. The moment of relaxation and contemplation. Mmm. I can taste it.

Jodi said...

Great haiku. I've been drinking a lot of iced tea this summer!

Anonymous said...

The mood is great. I would love to like green tea, but, so far, have not developed a taste for it. Very nice haiku.

Kim said...

I like both haiku, and especially the lines,
"Moment of relaxation
and contemplation"

Wonderfully done.

Mimey said...

Funny how I'm happy to exploit tea workers but not coffee workers. Well not funny at all, it's really tragic how my part of the world rapes resource rich less developed areas, and apparently I collude.

What I mean to say is. Fairtrade: yeah. Haiku: satisfying. CGP: hello!

Tammy Brierly said...

I love how you did a hot and iced version of green tea, my new summer flavor. Thanks for the link and heads up on Fairtrade. Well done!

jennifer black said...

Wow! Great haiku and helpful information to do good in this old world, too. This is a great post. I especially love the second haiku.


P.S. Do you know the Sweet Honey in the Rock song "Are My Hands Clean"? I think you'd like it. Click
here for lyrics.

Annie Jeffries said...

So glad to get the excellent reference re: fairtrade. Nice to know that Starbucks participates and now I have other places to check out as well.

Anonymous said...

I also found your post to be so refreshing. I love drinking tea - iced or hot on beautiful summer days.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Thanks for all your comments. Sandy - keep trying with the green tea, it took me a while to get into it, but I love it now. Maybe try one of the flavoured ones? Thanks for the link to the lyrics Jennifer (jblack), I didn't know that song before and its a good, thought provoking one.