Wednesday 6 September 2023

Blackford Hill and Pond

 Today was the third day of our staycation in Edinburgh, and we had arranged to spend the day separately (apart from lunch) each of us spending time with various friends. This afternoon, a friend and I climbed Blackford Hill. I had first walked past Blackford Pond 

walking along this shady path 

I was pleased to see several butterflies, though the Red Admirals evaded my camera, I did manage to capture this Speckled Wood 

We then walked up the hill, which has some magnificent views across Edinburgh to Arthur's Seat 

and a good close view of the Agassiz Rock. 


In 1840, the Swiss Geologist Louis Agassiz, found evidence at this volcanic outcrop that ice had once covered the landscape, in this case leaving horizontal scratch marks on the rock surface. This lead to further research to uncover more evidence that parts of Britain had indeed been ice covered in past times.

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