Friday 23 September 2022

Autumn in the Cemeteries

 Since lockdown was first eased and we could meet with people again outside, something that has become much more popular (at least among people I know) is having meetings outdoors! So today, I met up with a colleague / friend and we walked around the local cemeteries. 

We were very impressed with this array of ink caps and bracket fungi in Dalry Cemetery

A tree stump with bracket fungi on the left hand side and ink caps on the right hand side

Here's a close up of the ink caps 

A close up of ink caps growing beneath and between green leaves

There were also some fungi in North Merchiston Cemetery, these look like edible field mushrooms, but as there are other fungi that look similar, I wouldn't be too sure. 

an area of grass with white mushrooms growing in it

a close up of three white mushrooms growing amongst fallen leaves

The leaves are starting to change colour too!

Bright yellow Autumnal leaves on the branch of a tree

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