Saturday 26 February 2022

Inch Park

 I've been approached to offer a course of nature walks around Inch Park in the summer. As I've never visited the park before, I thought it might be a good idea to walk around it before having a meeting about the course! So that's what Crafty Green Boyfriend and I did today!

Inch Park is by the side of the Cameron Toll Shopping Centre 


and centres on the old Inch House. 

The Braid Burn runs through the park 

and the lower lying parts of the park are badly flooded at the moment 

There are some lovely trees in the park, including silver birches, yews and Scots pines. There are also a number of fallen trees that are being allowed to lie, 

 as good habitat for fungi, such as this  turkey tail 

Much of the ground away from the playing fields is covered in wild garlic and few flowered leek, which will bloom in a couple of months

 The blackthorn is already in bloom 

There are a good number of nest boxes for birds

and some lovely sculptures

Looking across the sports fields you get lovely views of Arthur's Seat

while at the side of the sports fields there are some lovely displays of snowdrops 

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Caroline Gill said...

It looks a lovely place, CGP, and the sculptures are such fun. I recall a park from my childhood that had semi-hidden Peter Rabbit figures beside a winding path in the shrubbery. I really loved going there!