Monday 10 April 2017

Spring in the Dells

Spring is a wonderful time of the year with all the flowers and the birdsong. The Dells along the Water of Leith are always a great place to experience nature and today was no exception, though it was a little chilly!

Some of the flowers develop very fast, the larch flowers are already larger and darker this week

than they were last week and the needles have developed a lot too in the past week (larch is the one type of conifer that loses its needles in the winter)

Some of the cherry trees are beautifully in blossom already

and the first ransoms (wild garlic) are also in bloom


Bill said...

proving the rule
the larch tree
loses its needles

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Those larch flowers are great, not something I'd ever get to see here

sage said...


Lowcarb team member said...

Lovely to see ...

All the best Jan