Thursday, 1 March 2012

Some thoughts on Birds

...Ah but a rare bird is
rare. It is when one is not looking,
at times when one is not there
.......................................that it comes.

from Seawatching by R S Thomas

I had been reading R S Thomas' poetry on the bus before my latest Birdwatching class and then quoted the above before taking the group on our walk at Musselburgh. We didn't see any great rarities, but everyone was happy with the variety of species we did see!

The walk, perhaps surprisingly. also helped to inspire a post about Marketing on my new professional blog, which you can read here.


Ms Sparrow said...

To me, a rare bird is one I have never seen before. I love that there are still hundreds of them!

Carol Steel said...

Thanks for this quote. It's perfect.

Bill said...

Juliet, I just want to say it was delightful to see you turning up in the current issue of The Heron's Nest (

Crafty Green Poet said...

Ms Sparrow - yes I love the fact that there are so many birds yet to see!

Carol - thanks!

Bill - are you sure it's me? I've not submitted anything to them! I'm not in the list of conrtibutors either!

bunnits said...

An interesting poem. Much to think about.