Thursday, 26 August 2010

Zero Waste Week - 6 - 12 September 2010

Zero Waste Week takes place every year beginning on 6 September.

This year's theme is Cooking for Victory and focusses on food and drink waste. WRAPS Household Food and Drink Waste in the UK report showed that we throw away 8.3 million tonnes of food and drink every year. Most of this is avoidable if we were to manage and store things better. Additionally reducing waste saves money, it is estimated that waste food and drink costs the average UK household £50 per month.

You can find out more and sign up to take part (with the chance of winning prizes!) at the Zero Waste Week website.


nà from the treehouse said...

Hopefully one day thoughtful weeks will no longer exist as people will have adopted these ideas as their regular lifestyle habits ...fingers crossed.

The very rare times I ever go into a supermarket I feel physically sick (also because of how much the detersive isle smells when you get used to cleaning with more natural products) at how much useless plastic packaging wraps everything. And besides everything else - it's REALLY bad for our health too!

The other Christmas I made cotton shopping bags for many of my friends and family to try to help get the message across.

Forthvalley scribe said...

I've tweeted this, and will include it on the web-site next week. Thanks Juliet!

Lisa Alto said...

I'll definitely sign up and take the challenge - I watched that TV show last night "The Great British Waste Menu" and it was amazing to see what the chef's made from food they found in the bins at the back of markets and restaurants! So inspiring!
I'm lucky, I've got chickens to feed our left overs to, so I don't feel I'm "wasting" it, as it turns into eggs eventually!

Titus said...

There are elements of life in the affluent West of which we should be so ashamed, and the way we waste food is one of them. A campaign we should all sign up to.

More bubble and squeak for me, and then curry on Tueday!

Oh said...

Here to say hi and love the header picture. Also, wondering how you go about writing your poetry...I seem to be on a "study poetry" kick, certain that I need to know some of poetry's secrets in order to write better prose.
Onward, i struggle and as always, enjoy stopping here.