Friday 16 April 2010

Greening the UK Election

We've got a general election coming up in the UK. I'm not going to say too much about this, as I'm not a political commentator and there are plenty of political commentators out there blogging about the issues and the election from numerous angles. However, I think it's important for everyone in the UK to be aware of the issues and to think about how this election might affect our futures. For me the most important issue is of course the environment and I'm not convinced that any of the major parties have consistently well thought out policies in this area.

There are ways to make your views known to your election candidates:

You can join in the Real Debate at 38 Degrees and vote for questions to be put to the manifesto writers in a forthcoming debate.

Friends of the Earth have a guide to the debates here.


Gillena Cox said...

We here in T&T are also preparing for ours

much love

Cathy said...

Election fever has certainly hit the country now Juliet. I think they all need to spruce up their policies regarding the environment as it is such an important area which is dear to so many peoples' hearts. Here in the Chilterns there is a lot of controversy over the route of the proposed 250 mph rail link to the north. It will trash large areas of the Chiltern AONB and lots of other beautiful areas too.

RG said...

Have fun with it ... fortunately we are in an election lull for a bit!

Bill said...

No consistently thought out policies in this area? One more thing the US and UK have in common.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Thanks Gillena, hope your elections go well

Cathy - that would be a shame to see the Chilterns trashed for the sake of getting from A to B a little quicker.