Wednesday 22 July 2009

Five poets from Calder Wood Press

I've just got in from Wordpower Books where I was at an hour of poetry by five poets who are published by Calder Wood Press. Irene Brown, Anne Connolly, Jo Gibson, Mary Johnston and Jayne Wilding all read from their recently published pamphlets (you can find out more about their pamphlets and buy them on the Calder Wood Press website). There was a very good range here from Jane's quiet meditative work through Anne's lively renditions of her wonderful poetry to Mary's poetry in the Doric dialect of the North East of Scotland.


Lynne (aka Gel) said...

I love hearing poets read their own work. Thanks for the link. I'll read on to read poems of yours I've missed during my break. Good to see you!

Colin Will said...

Glad you enjoyed it. It was great to hear the poets, and with such a nice audience.

Julie said...

I just read the sample poems. Powerful work! Thanks for the links.