Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Of tortoises and bunnies

in the fridge -
two tortoises

Fred and Mr Murdoch the Gorgie City Farm tortoises are put in a fridge every year to allow them an uninterrupted hibernation. Somehow I think this year they may have been okay out in a farm outbuilding... Fred and Mr Murdoch are just two of the animals available to sponsor at Gorgie City Farm. Yesterday I asked, which animal are we going to sponsor at the farm. Diana from Qi Papers guessed a rabbit, but can anyone guess which rabbit?

Sugar (the little black one)
Daisy (the little grey one)
Driftwood (the lolloping lop)
Louie (the one with the magnificent ears)
Lily (the grumpy one, in this photo with Louie)


Noah the Great said...

That's funny that they put them in a fridge.

d. moll, l.ac. said...

Which rabbit? You ask the hard questions CGP. Let's see I'm guessing NOT LIly because she didn't even get a picture. That leaves 4....underdog bun vs popular type bun (Sugar or Driftwood vs Daisy or Louie) hmmm. I'm going with Louie because he has ears like my very wonderful Bandit. Of course any bun is a good bun and I look forward to meeting your new lagomorph.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Diana - Lily does appear with one of the other buns in their photo, I should make a link for her.

Anonymous said...

I am going to sponsor Lily because my sister once had a cat (Eric) who she reminds me of and I was known for a while as his 'Aunty Lil'. Anyways, I guess that you are not going to sponsor her.

d. moll, l.ac. said...

Hmmmm, now that my criteria system has been changed, I'm just not sure....wait there's someone who says they are sponsoring Lily...I wait breathlessly to know the lucky bun.....I still guess Louie and add on Driftwood.

Unknown said...

I love the poem. I acquired a box turtle in May and she started slowing down in September I agonized about whether to hibernate her but the advice was not to hibernate a new turtle because you can't be sure about their health status. Next year I may have a boxie in the fridge myself.

Anonymous said...

It's 38 degrees hot here at 9.00 am. How I wish I was one of those turtles.

Susan Tuttle said...

Really? -- the fridge? Learn something new every day.


holly said...

my guess is Driftwood

Anonymous said...

I never heard about the fridge thing, lol! Can you imagine the look on some unknowing person's face when he opens the fridge and is greeted by hibernating tortoises?? Hee hee!!

I don't know which bun to pick! Everybun is wonderful! I'll just wait for you to reveal the answer :)