Wednesday, 28 January 2009

More from my writing workshop

bare branched trees -
vivid green moss
on fallen trunks.

in Vogrie Country Park

Thanks for yesterday's comments asking more about the writing workshop I facilitated in Vogrie Country park yesterday. The above is one of the haiku I wrote. I won't be able to post anyone else's contributions, because people took them away with them to work on further! There was an excellent variety of work produced though, some people writing poems, some writing stream of consciousness pieces and others making lists of poems they will write in the future.

I only occasionally facilitate writing workshops (and its not part of my job with the Federation of City Farms), but it is something I would like to do more of in the future, especially if it can be in places like Country Parks!


The Weaver of Grass said...

Like the haiku Juliet, If you have timne today pop to my blog to leave a note of the luxury you want to take to the Desert Island - we are setting sail today, so pack your bags!

YowlYY said...

Such a true wintery looks a bit like the view from my back garden moss is the brightest thing.

Joshua Landon said...


I'd like to speak with you about your blog. I've been doing some research for my own site and would like to share with you an interesting blog idea. Get back to me at your earliest convenience.



jlandon [@]

polona said...

the living are bare, the dead green... love the contrast.

Alice said...

youuu whooo (sp?) miss cgp,

i can NOT for the life of me remember if i thanked you for stopping by my bunny blog. i keep seeing your name in my mailbox as if to say hey don't forget to write this lady back@!

so forgive me if i'm being redundant here but we sure do appreciate your commenting and your clicks!



Devika said...

There's 'life' in the haiku moment, Juliet..

One should have a keen eye to catch that...

May the insight in this one, lead you through better haiku moments than haikuing of hen's mother in law :))

I had found that so funny some months before..i think i said that there :)


d. moll, said...

I like the lists of future poems.....

Gordon Mason said...

Glad the day was so successful, Juliet. And ammo for your pen!

Annamari said...

It is a neat haiku! And this look like a great experience(do it again)

gel(Emerald Eyes) said...

One of my favorite aspects of winter is seeing those "bare branched trees"

We don't see "vivid green moss" here; must be pretty. Hope you are able to do more workshops.(The lambs above are adorable!)

Alan Summers said...

I love the musicality of that first line!

If you don't have this book I can highly recommend: Wing Beats: British Birds in Haiku

all my best,

The With Words Competition 2009


Janice Thomson said...

That is beautiful! - an apt description of the trees here too.

Devika said...

Hi Juliet,

I have a request to make.
Perhaps you could give a series on "Appreciating Poetry" from a Poet's perspective...

Because I feel, there's lot of misconcepts among bloggers who read poetry..including those who write poetry

As a freelance ghost-writer, I have written some articles on that for many US/UK clients...but I may not be able to use them or the ideas in my blog or in my name anywhere else..for obvious copyright violations.

It would greatly benefit many poets and readers I feel...and knowing your views would definitely be interesting to me too :)