Sunday, 1 July 2007

Glentress Forest, Peebles

Glentress Forest is a Forestry Commission Forest in the Scottish Borders. It is best known as offering a fine selection of routes and activities for mountain bikers but it is also a great area to walk through. We visited yesterday while we were in Peebles. It was great to see a lot of older trees with their branches covered in lichens and mosses, and some dead trees being allowed to lie and become homes for lichens, mosses, other small plants and bugs that will help them to decompose. The Forest is involved in an interesting experiment with the University of Edinburgh, testing the forestry yield of continuous cover forestry. This system means that trees are selectively felled and replaced in small groups and the whole area remains with some tree cover all the time. It seems to be an environmentally friendly form of forestry for temperate climates and certainly Glentress Forest seems to offer a rich variety of habitats for wildlife.


Jone said...

Apologies for getting your name wrong. And hope all is well, did not like seeing the violence in at the airport in Scotland yesterday.

polona said...

this looks much like some of our forests.
i'm glad the forestry experiment seems to work