Wednesday 9 May 2007

Cheap Tricks - Part 1 Materials

This month's Crusade from GPP Street Team is to share our cheap or free art materials. As I make all my crafts from reused materials almost all my art materials are free! All I buy are glue, paints, paint brushes and the occasional rubber stamp. The photo above shows one of my boxes of materials to reuse. The box itself is the box our wonderful second hand silver cutlery set came in. It's perfect for holding all my paper based materials - old wrapping paper, pictures from magazines, fliers, junk mail. I have another box full of fabric scraps, ribbons and bottle tops.
I'm going to make a special art journal using unusual recycled materials that I'm going to then post as Part 2 of the Crusade. So visit back soon!

4 comments: said...

Free and cheap supplies are the best! I'll come back to see what you made.

Thanks for coming to see me, I have you entered in my drawing for leaving a comment.

carlene federer said...

a whole art journal made from recycled materials is an awesome idea! Can't wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

Great recycling, turning it into Art! I look forward to seeing your journal. Ux

Gisele said...

I love the idea of an art journal/altered book just made from recycled material...must make a note to add this to my list of things to do.
Looking forward to seeing yours :)