Sunday, 28 January 2007

Book Inspired Art

Inspire Me Thursday recently had a makeover and is a now a wonderful resource for inspiration for crafting bloggers. This week's prompt is to be inspired by books. I love books! For my direct response to the prompt I started a new altered book. I have a copy of In Other Words (The Journal for Literary Translators) which struck me as ideal material for an altered book. I will work on this slowly and will occasionally post pages. This is the first page. I selected words from the text and then built up a picture around these words. I deliberately kept this simple, largely due to not having time to do anything complicated! It all looks a bit pale in the photo, but i hope you get the idea! The silver circle represents both the moon and the mirror in the selected text. The selected words almost form a poem:

Alone for years
translator holds up a mirror
many moons ago
impenetrable prose
light shone into dark
meaning opening up.
Translator -
watcher of the shadow and what it suggests.
Meanings hover between words

For other examples of my book related crafts, please see:

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Anonymous said...

It is intriguing how poetic the words are.

Catherine said...

Altered books intrigue me, but I can't bring myself to alter any of mine!
The words you have selected make a wonderful poem

Judy Scott said...

Beautiful poem xxjude x