Saturday 21 October 2006

Our Garden

Some of you may remember me saying a while back that we were hoping to get involved with the Community Backgreen Initiative, to improve the shared gardens behind our building. Well things have started moving and we have had our first meetings and today we surveyed the area. A lot of it is quite nice already, for example, there is already a picnic table and barbeque.
However, some areas will need more work:

The design meetings are going to start next week, which is where everyone living in the surrounding buildings who is interested, will come together to plan what they would like to see in the common areas of the gardens. We'll start clearing, weeding and planting in the gardens next Spring!
The Community Backgreen Initiative is managed by Re:Solution.


Anonymous said...

What a brilliant idea!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Thanks Katherine. I just hope we can all agree on what to do with the land!

Anonymous said...

Hi ... I was at the Parks and Gardens Open Day yesterday and visited the Cherrytree backgreen on Dalry Road. Even after a couple of seasons, it's looking good and they've planted so many fruit trees and bushes that it'll just get better as they mature. A real boost after the negativity of the last few days elections.

Anyhow ... I googled for the green caretakers and found your blog. Have you got any updates on your backgreen? Just being nosy :)