Friday, 28 October 2005

Recycled Art at the International Playbus Congress

I’m running a workshop on environmental art at the International Playbus Congress in Turin on Saturday 5 November. This workshop will explore recycling and reuse in collage work and the wider potential of collage in community work.

Participants have been asked to bring some materials, which combined with materials provided by the organisers, can be used in collages. In this first half we'll make greetings cards, bookmarks, notepaper and envelopes. After the creative work, we'll look at each others work and discuss how we approached the collage.

In the second half, participants will work in small groups to explore how they could use collage in their work. For example, children can make collages to show what they want included in a new play area; collage can be used in consultation work with children; people who have learning difficulties or who are illiterate; collage can help discussion about difficult issues and of course can stimulate recycling!

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Skye Powers said...

That is awesome. My grandmother and I have been making crafts and art from recycled things for years. I use them inside mostly: shadowboxes and sculptures. She gets very creative dolls, window decorations, chimes from used soup cans. You really can't tell what they were when she's done. I planned to go to Edinburgh this year, but everytime I get enough together for a ticket tragedy strikes. :) I've been listening to thistle and shamrock for years on NPR dreaming about it.