Wednesday 30 June 2021


 The orchids are beautiful on Corstorphine Hill at the moment! Most of them, like this one, are common spotted orchids

This one is, I believe a hybrid between common spotted orchid and Northern marsh orchid:

The hill is looking lovely all over at the moment, 


with lots of foxgloves in bloom 

for 30 Days Wild.


David said...

Nice photos. There is a patch of northern marsh orchids by a small track not far below a memorial tree in the same part of the hill. That patch also has some hybrids with common spotted orchids.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Hi David, thanks, I'll look out for that patch next time I'm up there.

Vanya Sayimane said...

Those are beautiful! I love Orchids...

eileeninmd said...

Beautiful flowers, lovely photos.
Take care, enjoy your day!