Wednesday 23 June 2021

Dalkeith Country Park

 We've got some holiday and are enjoying a staycation. Today we visited Dalkeith Country Park for a walk round the woodland, which includes a lovely area of oak woodland


Some of the oak trees here are ancient 

and one of the oak trees has fallen into this lovely little pond

Near this pond we saw a number of damselflies, including this male azure damselfly 

There were a lot of speckled wood butterflies all around the pond and throughout the woodland 

and we saw a lot of other interesting insects including this chimney sweeper moth 

and this speckled long horn beetle (thanks to Edinburgh Natural History Society for identifying this for me!)

We also met this beautiful roe deer, who kept turning the wrong way, trying to avoid us but stumbling back onto our path

Enjoying a staycation for 30 Days Wild

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eileeninmd said...

What a lovely day at the park, the flowers, insects and the deer are beautiful.
Have a happy day!