Saturday 26 June 2021

Raindrops on roses (and other plants)

 It has rained a lot over the past day and the flowers and grasses on Corstorphine HIll look lovely covered in raindrops - not just the dog roses

 but also the gorse 

the wood avens fruiting heads 



 and other grasses

Needless to say the slugs and snails are loving this weather 

The foxgloves are brightly blooming 

the first beech nuts are forming 

and we found this lovely red legged shield bug 

Enjoying the rain for 30 Days Wild and Nature Notes


Maya Rajesh said...

The foxgloves look beautiful! Rain means toads for us and also loud sleepless nights! I love the distinct colours!

Vanya Sayimane said...

Beautiful pictures. I love rain.Even here it is raining and the scenario is just stupendous! Also, I loved the rose.

RG said...

Send us here in the Pacific NW some of that! Blistering hot (100 + F.) which is too much for us moss backs. Be another two or so days and then a bit cooler but so dry ...

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

The whole idea of rain makes me envious! It's very hot and dry here (as RG says above -- I am in the same part of the US.)(

Crafty Green Poet said...

Hi Maya, rain brings out the toads here too!

Vanya - thanks

RG and Sallie - I'd happily send you some of our rain. I love rain but we've had too much here this year