Sunday 20 June 2021

Wonderful Colours in the Botanic Gardens

 Yesterday we had a lovely trip to Edinburgh's beautiful Botanic Gardens. When we arrived (after a rainy walk through Inverleith Park, which I blogged about here) we visited the Hidden Beauty of Seeds and Fruits exhibition, which showcases the photography of Levon Biss. The plants featured in the exhibition are all from the Botanic gardens' own herbarium collection. The exhibition runs until the end of September and is well worth seeing. 

We then wandered round the gardens. The azaleas and rhododendrons are mostly past their best now, but some of them are still beautiful. 

We met these mallards at the pond, it's nice to see the female showing the bright blue flash (the speculum) in her wing which distinguishes her from other brown female ducks.

Colours of Nature for 30 Days Wild.


Maya Rajesh said...

These pictures are so pretty! Where I live, the rhododendrons are in bloom only past November and earlier in the year so it's lovely they're still going!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I never knew what that blue patch was called on the female Mallard, but I have caught glimpses of it. I love a Botanical Garden and yours looks lovely. Like here, rhodies and azalaes are mostly past their prime -- but they are so worth it for the time they are perfect.