Friday 4 June 2021

Walking Meetings for 30 Days Wild

 One of the things I have loved discovering during lockdown restrictions are walking meetings! Over the past year or so,  I've often met up with colleagues to go for a socially distanced walk through local green-spaces while we discuss things. It's a much better way to meet than the traditional format of sitting in an airless office or the pandemic alternative of staring at each other through a video conference. 

If you're not able to walk far or comfortably then walking meetings are out of the question. They're also not an ideal option for people with hearing problems, as if you've got more than two people in the meeting it can be difficult to enable lip reading throughout the walk. Of course when the weather is nice you can gather together for a socially distanced meeting on park benches or similar, but this hasn't been ideal during our cold Spring this year.

I find that being out in nature helps me think as does the actual movement of walking. Though the act of walking does make taking notes tricky so you need to record things if you want an accurate record of any decisions.

As I often lead guided walks, walking will (hopefully) remain part of my working life well into the future, but I hope that walking meetings will specifically continue to be part of the mix too.  

It's a lovely sunny morning just now and I'm off very soon for another walking meeting! 


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