Friday 11 June 2021

Explore a Cemetery for 30 Days Wild

 Since the first lockdown was announced over a year ago now, Crafty Green Boyfriend and I have really discovered the local cemeteries as wildlife havens. There's a huge variety of birds, insects and mammals in both Dalry Cemetery and North Merchiston Cemetery, not to mention the trees, wild flowers and fungi. 

I took these photos earlier today in North Merchiston Cemetery

Since lockdown, Friends Groups have sprung up to help look after the cemeteries in Edinburgh (though several of the Friends groups predate lockdown). Joining one of these friends groups is a great way of helping to protect these vital green spaces.

Do you have a favourite local cemetery to wander round?


Maya Rajesh said...

Hello :) I'm an eighth-grader from all across the world, and we're analysing your writings for English this semester. We're reading The Lost Dances of the Cranes, and it's very beautiful. Not only the meaning between the lines of your poem but also how you've written it.

The circumstances here are relatively critical, so we can't roam around all that much, but the cemetery looks lovely.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Hi Maya, thanks for visiting my blog! I'm happy you enjoyed reading The Lost Dances of Cranes, thanks for your kind comments! I'm sorry things are so bad over there, hopefully things will start getting better soon.