Saturday 5 June 2021

Tracking Mammals for 30 Days Wild

 I was excited to find this badger footprint in a local area 

Nearby we also found some fur - white downy fur and some more sturdy fur. Each strand of the sturdy fur was black at one end and white at the other, typical for a badger (and didn't come out in my photos!). We also found entrances to a badger sett. 

It was amazing to find this badger sett, so close to where we live and in an unexpected place! I'm not going to give details of where it is as I don't want to inadvertently encourage disturbance of the sett.


RG said...

Ah memories - reading "The Tale of Benny Badger" (and many other "Tales of ..") over and over with my sister as little kids!!!

Magyar said...

__ C G P; This thought jumped out... as I read your post. _m

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