Wednesday 2 June 2021

Go on a Guided Walk for 30 Days Wild

30 Days Wild encourages people to engage with nature and wildlife in some way every day in June. 

This morning I lead a birdwatching walk around Corstorphine Hill, one of Edinburgh's many hills. (I didn't take any photos today so this is a photo from a couple of years ago).

In normal times, I regularly lead guided walks, but the pandemic put a stop to them entirely for a while and Edinburgh Council is only just allowing them again, with smaller groups to allow for social distancing. 

Everyone who is coming along to the current walks is just delighted to be able to get out in groups again to meet new people and learn about nature. We've seen some great birds over the past few weeks including blackcap, buzzard, whitethroat and goldcrest, with today's highlight being a great spotted woodpecker that wandered about in a tree right in front of us. It's also been lovely to listen to all the birdsong.

The City of Edinburgh Council is currently putting together its adult education programme of guided walks and outdoor classes for the next term. The details will eventually be available here. Many conservation organisations also offer guided walks either as a regular programme or as part of a larger event.

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RG said...

Glad to hear. Slowly, slowly people able to get out in groups to learn, enjoy, share, and help here too... fingers crossed.