I often review books, films and other things on this blog. Mostly I review things that I have paid for myself. However sometimes authors or publishers send me books to review or organisations send me tickets for events. I always state when the item reviewed was a gift. I am particularly interested in reviewing:
  • books, music, films or theatre with an environmental or nature inspired theme
  • environmentally-friendly products made in the UK
  • environmentally friendly services available in the UK
  • events connected with nature, the environment, science or literature
So if you have something that you would like me to review, please get in touch!

I'm sent a lot of press releases, which I may use as the basis of blog posts if I think they fit within the blog. I can consider writing sponsored posts but only where I am enthusiastic about what I'm being paid to write about! I'm currently working out a policy on this.

Please note I DO NOT accept guest posts for my blog from people who randomly email me. I've never had a guest post from anyone in all my years of blogging, but if I ever do it will from someone I know as a blogger or otherwise.