Monday, 30 April 2007

haiku - the sea

salt wind blows
across the cliffs -
turquoise sea

gannets dive
behind red fishing boats -
white spray

endless flat sands
stretch to the horizon -
salt tang in the air


eider ducks bob
on coastal waters -
mainline railway


the grey swell
of a northern sea -
dolphin shapes


bright colours shimmer
under life giving water -
shells dry dull.


The sea for One Deep Breath


Sandy said...

Hello, from the other shore!
I think you are a person who loves the sea! Your images are very lovely.

Regina Clare Jane said...

So many different bodies of water described in these beautiful hiakus...

polona said...

i can see and feel and taste the sea... beautiful!

gautami tripathy said...

As I have always loved the sea, I think these haikus do full justice.

Colorful Prose said...

The last is so true! A fabulous seashell under water loses its luster when it's dry.

Roswila said...

gannets dive
behind red fishing boats -
white spray

endless flat sands
stretch to the horizon -
salt tang in the air

I particularly enjoyed the above two. The first calls up such a striking visual image. The second is so evocative of possibility....

Anonymous said...

i enjoyed the flashes of colour and, like Colorful Prose, i thought the dull-dried shells were a great touch!

nonizamboni said...

Lovely images from the sea -- a refreshing 'turquoise' read.

and I have never forgotten
'The Fugitive Pieces' -- one of my favorite books too.

Becca said...

Reading these was like taking a long walk along the shore - every one of them evokes such lovely images and sounds.


Crafty Green Poet said...

Sandy - yes i love the sea!

Regina, Polona, Gautami - thanks!

Colourful Prose, unfolding rose - yes, I'm been so often disappointed by the dullness of the seashells when they dry...

Roswila, Becca - thanks

Nonizamboni - glad you also love Fugitive Pieces!

Remiman said...

I do enjoy reading the sea's reflection in your haiku. nicely done.

get zapped said...

I adore your simplicity and yet you captured so much with these. You brought a lot to the senses. Very nice!

Sian said...

I confess I don't like the sea, but I loved your visions of its beauty.

megan said...

i love the unpredictable & unexplainable magic that just happens sometimes when two words sit next to each other...salt tang...yep.

Anna Evans said...

Please may I use one of these haiku to illustrate how to write haiku about the sea in a group session I lead in a home for people with Alzheimer's? Thanks!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Hi Anna, as long as you credit me as the writer, yes. Hope the group goes well!