Wednesday 18 October 2023

Waxcap Fungi

Waxcaps are the most beautiful fungi, coming in all colours, including green, a very unusual colour for fungi, but a colour found in the Parrot Waxcap (I found the one below in Edinburgh's Colinton Cemetery two years ago when I was carrying out wildlife surveys of our cemeteries)

Waxcaps are an indicator of rare, species-rich grassland. If we can identify where waxcaps and other grassland fungi thrive, we have a better chance to pinpoint where fragments of ancient meadows survive, so we can protect them for the future.

Ancient grasslands are vital for the fungi and wildflowers they can be home to, and are also crucial in the fight against climate change. Species-rich grassland can store up to a third more carbon than areas with just a few species. This is one reason why trees shouldn't be planted everywhere, any grassy area needs to be assessed for the species it already has before trees are planted. In many cases, trees should NOT be planted on grassland. 

Britain is home to some of the most important waxcap grasslands in the world. However many species are becoming rare and declining; they need identifying and protecting. 

This autumn, the charity Plantlife is once again looking for people to find and record waxcaps. Find out more and take part here.

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Lowcarb team member said...

I'd not heard of this fungi before, interesting, thank you.

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